This Device Turns Your iPhone Into a High-Quality Audio Recorder

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Regularly $129 on AMZN, and right now it’s $99. BBShop continuing to make me scratch my head on all fronts: product choices, prices, why the Shop exists…


It’s powered by StackCommerce, what do you expect?

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Going out on a limb here, there’s a small but not-insignificant (and more importantly, non-zero) segment of readers that does buy the deals. StackSocial is all about minimally targeting their offerings to audience segments, and maximally riding on the back of established audience trust. bb gets a percentage of the proceeds, buyers get somewhat-not-shitty* products, everybody’s happy, right?

*“lifetime” cloud storage/backup solution purchases vehemently excluded from this statement.


I’d like to take this time to remind my fellow happy mutants that many states (including NY, VA, and the not a state of DC) allow 1 party recording of conversations. You can turn on speakerphone then record the speaker output untracably.

Wonderful life hack for dealing with those who like to violate norms. Two can play that game :smiling_imp:


If you want to buy reasonably good stuff, read the Wirecutter, they do cover most of the stuff you actually need. For the stuff you don’t actually need: make the world a better place and don’t buy it.


I’m pretty sure that’s a vape.


The advantage of having a good mic with you that attaches to your phone is that you have one device plus a dongle to get work done. They can also be less intimidating to the subject of the recording. I like that they are easily pocketable and just connect to my phone. That said, I don’t own one any more, but I miss being able to record, edit and send out short higher quality recordings.

Some of the the downsides of phone connecting dongle microphone are:

  • One loses access to phone while one records. (put it in airplane mode you goof)
  • Updating the OS or changing ecosystems can make dongle specific microphones obsolete.
    *Yay, they changed the connector to my phone!
  • There is no guarantee that the manufacturer, the app developer, or the os creator will continue to support the device during subsequent updates or iterations of the phones OS.
  • The mic may not work with all “phone” cases.
  • Dropping one’s “phone” with the add on dongle mic may break both the mic and where it connects the phone.

Stand alone audio recorders have similar (if not superior) sound qualities and are standalone, last beyond one’s phones lifespan, and sometimes have replaceable batteries or multiple powering options. Many can be used as an external mic regardless of computing device with a little ingenuity. Most external standalone audio recorders have memory cards for easy transfer. Some even have Bluetooth connectivity for audio monitoring and/or control (Reduces cost of having a remote for the recorder and the recorder doesn’t become useless when the manufacturer stops updating the remote app.)

I really like like the phone based dongle mics. One can record, edit and post or send a recording quickly. They are great for short audio, and they can greatly improve on the microphones that your phone has built in. That said, if one has limited funds, think about what one wants to do with better recording and what your ideal work flow is. This mic or one like it may work for you, but another solution may be less efficient for work flow, but more cost effective in the long run.

Edit to add: Rather than bash on the offer or it’s pricing, or comment on this particular mic (I haven’t used it) these are my thoughts on mics that attach directly to “phones” in general after using several and owning a few.


Never have wiser words been uttered by a reptile.


Pass. Holding out for a package deal of a hat and a wheelchair hiding 2 mics and a tape deck respectively.

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For that matter it’s 99 bucks at B&H too, without the risk of getting some counterfeit crap.

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Heck, it’s even on sale now for $99 on Shure’s own site:

I was going to leave a 1 star review complaining it didn’t get me high but this post will have to suffice. :wink:

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