These six voice recorders are all tiny, but mighty — and also, on sale

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Have you ever considered getting a digital voice recorder?


No, of course not. I carry a smartphone around everywhere I go. And the free voice-recorder apps available for that eclipse anything this hardware can do.

What year do come from, traveler?


I did, years ago. One most useless things I’ve ever purchased. I thought it would be great for keeping notes and recording fleeting brilliant thoughts. But instead it was a black box, and you’d have to listen through to each and every audio file to find out what you recorded.

My phone, on the other hand, is a brilliant voice note recorder because it includes speech to text and can keep both my original recording and a text transcription of it. Now that is useful.


Really tiny DVRs (digital voice recorders) probably have their place, but not with me. I dictate notes while driving, biking, walking, or dreaming. Dealing with a phone’s DVR app is unsafe when operating vehicles. After various others over the decades, I’m now on my second Sony ICD-BX-140 – the first didn’t really survive being laundered with my jeans. :frowning: Great capacity and battery life, and I needn’t take my eyes off the road to use it.

Your needs may vary.


I used reel to reel years ago… it’s lost now due to available transfer mediums

What’s the best recorder app for Iphones?


What the…of course you can get a pickup for reel to reel tape. Is it all un-reelably hardened or something? Anyhow, thanks for reminding me to make a cut of Prometheus where I’m all very disappointed in how the fidelity of the Giants’ stuff is coming across.

[Running from a gigantic disc ship gone sideways.] Hey I …puf puf… noticed you’re running…huff huff…from a giant ship. …huff…Could you take a quality…hufff…survey?

100% been enough time since I was disappointed in my Voice Organizer’s failing flash to try a new one. Unclear which of these all black boxy things were such technologies. (And I did want a $4 set of 10 memo cubes, but do see how you want people to be happier than that.) Maybe I need one with 4 diversity buttons to get all up in the conversation in lieu of matte black incel modern passive aggression.


Of course phone recorder fans can select a bluetooth input and/or IFTTT or Automate things to make hands-free happen to one degree or another…and yes, probably a hunt through GoFundThat or so to find an earphone with excess gestures available.

Flip phone through Non-Euclidean angle to start recording spacetime…


It could be handy in situations where you don’t want it to look like a phone. i.e. as a backup when your phone might be taken by legal force or plain force.


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