A tiny spy-gadget audio recorder that isn't junk

Originally published at: A tiny spy-gadget audio recorder that isn't junk | Boing Boing

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$240 is about standard price for new stereo digital recorders like Tascam and Zoom. Sony gear tends to be pricier anyway, so this sounds about right for something designed to record conversations.

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I gotta say… not transmitting the audio to the remote probably allows for it’s 600+ hour record time. And I do love the small details like the indented record button, which allows for using the remote by feel.

One other point: The proprietary cable looks to be a USB 2.0 adapter to a 3.5mm female stereo jack. So it seems like you can use any headphones for playback?

A neat looking device!

How much fabric noise would it pick up if you were moving?

The manual describes the connector as “Headphone connector (USB micro-B) Recommended impedance: 16 Ω” so there’s a good chance something like this would work – Amazon.co.uk

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