How to make a minimalist stereo with an old phone and a $20 amp


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What is this, minimalist week? Did I just not get the memo?


It’s always minimalist week when you’re a hipster - didn’t you get the memo? I just want to know if this stereo will bring me freedom and joy?


Only if it doesn’t actually do anything useful, which this clearly does. For shame!


Count me in on that too.


That can only be answered with a “yes”, indeed.


Oh, sorry.

(I admit, the pushpin is maybe recklessly rococo.)


So, @beschizza, was the working title, “How to cause some people an aneurysm on the internet, or at the very least a vein in the forehead to throb - the minimalist way.”?


That is “minimalist”.


exactly the sort of minimalism that seems to really annoy people on the internet



Welcome to BB! Is it suffice to say you are disappointed with BoingBoing?


Harsh, very harsh.


Oderint dum spectate.


There is a reason for this, and we would very much like to keep it that way.


And the flood gates open…


per wiki:

“James Altucher is an American hedge fund manager,”

Doesn’t this make him more or less the devil incarnate? I can’t imagine nice things ever being said about another hedge fun manager on BB…

It also says he is an “entrepreneur”, thought not a very good one. It looks like he got in at the start of the dot com bubble, used his position at HBO to get lots of tier 1 clients, and then cash out at the height of the bubble. And then lose it all in 2 years. LOL.

So he is basically Donald Trump with more natural crazy hair who despite his failures still makes some money and wants people to emulate him, selling basically snake oil in the hopes you will have a better life.


Take it to the other thread, maybe? These sentiments really don’t belong here.


Roger That!


based on those factors, I believe this recommendation would be right at home on your set-up:



Tell me more about this remix of which you speak. Koyaanisqatsi is one of my all time favorite pieces of music.