Heinlein's dystopian juvenile novels


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@Falcor, time leak to clean upon aisle 8…


Hey, which motherfucker is causing all this time travel anyway?


Boing Boing trying to go back to a better time in history?


You know, it’s so rarely that I get an opportunity to make a Lazarus Long joke, and now I see that it’s just as well…


Adding insult to injury the linked article appears to be gone. And here I was thinking about the first Heinlein I read, Red Planet, and wondering what it had to say about that.


Back when George W Bush was president. Those were the good old days! [cries in corner]


t as ome o ass. ou ave een t n he ress onferences 'm ure. he ystopia s ur ew ormal, he outine.


Right there with you. Red Planet, Rocket Ship Galileo and Space Cadet were my first three. My dad dropped that stack on me and changed my life. (Now I have to google them to make sure I’m not misremembering.)


I envy you. I read Red Planet in spite of the copy we had at home being taken away from me repeatedly. And then when I checked it out from the school library I got in trouble for going to the library without permission.

Since it’s the story of a couple of school kids who help start a revolution against a stupid and greedy tyrant that seems fitting.


I assume 4Chan


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