Hello! Exploring the Superweird world of Hello Kitty




Not the oddest Hello Kitty merch i’ve heard of, but still noteworthy


Motor oil?


That’s the only one that got me as well.


Great post, but the responsive design on it made it feel really claustrophobic when reading on a 13" laptop. More borderspace would help, maybe? I’m not a designer.

I kept making the window wider hoping for some border, but all that did was increase the images to the point they wouldn’t fit on the screen.


She is an adorable little scamp. I got my kiddo a Water Cooler and Clock radio for Christmas.

Though no mention of her cousin in Russia.


Great report, thanks Mark!




I want a Hello Kitty rocket launcher!


Would it be weird if a grown man had a Hello Kitty credit card? Because those were some nice credit cards.


Weird is relative.
– Wednesday Addams


I suspect that Operation Petticoat was a Hello Kitty guerrilla marketing ploy…


Would it be weird for a grown man to have a Hello Kitty xyz? I’m a grown man, and I have all sorts of Hello Kitty stuff. So, yes, it would be weird.


a poor-quality pic of the HK section of my Pez collection


I’m rather fond of this short astronaut Hello Kitty comic by Karl Kerschl.


Brings back fond memories of ordering the HK “personal massager” from J-List.

Back in the day when weird internet purchases were not a commonplace event :slight_smile:


I recently flew to Taiwan on EVA Airlines which has Hello Kitty’d I believe 6 of their long-haul jets. This includes elaborate exteriour painting of each jet with all the Hello Kitty characters, issuing Hello Kitty boarding passes, giving pink Hello Kitty aprons to all flight attendants, serving meals with Hello Kitty plastic cutlery, wet towels, and toothpicks. (We even had fishballs shaped like Hello Kitty.) For me, though, the best part was the Hello Kitty vomit bag.


Read somewhere about Hello Kitty feminine hygiene supplies. Which seems so . . . well, I dunno.

My contribution to unlicensed Sanrio oddness:

Go to the site and navigate right and left for details.


It’s too late for Christmas, but I need that tarot deck for the HK enthusiast in my life.


It’s never too late for Christmas!


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