Help convince LEGO to produce "Lovelace and Babbage" play set / Raspberry Pi case

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It’s lovely! I think I will build something similar for my beagle board. Have to steal back some of the Lego bricks I gave my nephew…


For added historical realism, the instructions that the set comes with are slightly too complex to be built with the supplied blocks.


Convince Lego to make it? Doesn’t that go against the whole idea of Lego where users can make what they like?


Rather than house a Raspberry π, it should be a working implementation of the Analytical Engine.

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It’s specced for Lego, but the set comes with Duplo blocks.

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I was expecting this:

I’m waiting for the Madame Curie set with Glow in the Dark effects and optional horse carriage and Pierre Curie.

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Someone explain me why LEGO character faces don’t smile and look mean nowadays

it’s not that bad


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