Help fund a statue honoring the first cat in space


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Help fund a statue honoring the first cat in space.

Only if it’s a levitating cat sculpture.

levitating cat


@pesco - looks like some text got snipped near the beginning: “On October 18, 1963, a lovely feline named Félicette became the first cat in space in a trip lasting just 15 minutes and including several minutes of weightlessness. Her craft Three months later,”

Her craft splashed down safely, and she swam heroically to a nearby cafe for baguette and escargot?


Hah! Thank you!


…and eventually gave her life.

No, it was taken from her.


Yeah, I get that sometimes animals are going to be used for research. Cosmetic companies can go fuck themselves with a rusty saw, but I get pharmaceuticals and such need rats and occasionally “higher” mammals to test so humans can live. It sucks, but no more so than eating meat for sustenance. Space exploration has benefited humankind, so although it feels like more of a gray area when it comes to animals, I’m not too outraged. Doesn’t mean I want to celebrate any research on animals.


Space, and cats.

Well, the internet should be all over this.




I think animal testing is essential. I just think we shouldn’t romanticize it as “little fluffy gave her life and went to heaven.” It’s the greater good, but it’s still horrible.


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meanwhile, in Australia…a statue honouring Trim, the first cat to circumnavigate Australia with his close friend Matthew Flinders. Flinders wrote a very moving tribute to Trim.
Flinders, Matthew (1977). Trim: Being the True Story of a Brave Seafaring Cat. London: Collins. ISBN 0-00-185028-8.



Did it hang at the border of the atmosphere, not sure whether it wanted to go or not?



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