Today is the anniversary of the first woman in space

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Impressive career. From tire factory to cosmonaut.

BB missed Yuris day though…


her mission was super painful too, something was off with her spacecrafts trim and shook like a paint mixer…


Lots of good info on Vostok 5-6 at one of my favorite podcasts:

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Good that BB recognizes her accomplishment. Others don’t…

Valentina Tereshkova is my daughter’s favorite person. She has always liked space, but after reading through Women in Science she became fixated on Tereshkova to the point that she has seen the RT documentary on her a bunch of times and V was the first letter she learned.


Sally Ride was the first American woman (and the first gay person of any nationality) in space, but only the third woman in space. Tereshkova was nearly 20 years ahead of her.

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Did you click on the image? That’s what I (and the BB article) said.

My entire point was that her accomplishments aren’t as recognized as they should be.

Молодец, Валентина!

Quite recently, despite being in advanced age, she commented that she’d gladly travel to Mars even on a one-way trip.

As fine a choice of idol as any and better than most. :slight_smile: May there be a space program for her to aim for in the coming years.


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