Help fund Last Gasp Books!




Due to personal circumstances I have given to very few crowdfunded projects but this seems like a very reasonable one.


Holy crap, these look gorgeous.


I know right


$40 shipping for the $25 reward though.


I’m not familiar with any of the books or artists. It seems cool, but not my style. A few years ago a Borders near where I lived closed, and for a few months they had a popup indie book store there. I thought the idea was awesome… but nearly all the books I managed to browse (and the two I bought) were quite bad. Yes, there aren’t enough publishers taking risks and doing interesting non-mainstream things, but there is also Sturgeon’s law.


That’s outside the US, for hardcovers. Seems high, but who knows.


I know that for NZ to “rest of world” Li has been charging $20 NZ (currently ~$15.73 USD) for a good sized hardcover.


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