Help Kickstart this awesome doll with style-able natural hair

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I assume “natural hair” doesn’t mean “made from actual human hair” in this case?

Spoken like a white person…

Seriously, though, I kickstarted this right away. There is a huge dearth of African American dolls out there for girls, and even the ones that are black (I’m looking at you American Girl Dolls…) have white features for the most part.


Awesome! Fully funded already with almost twice the amount and weeks to get more.

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It’s awesome that she’s doing this and I think it’s great she’s already double funded with 21 days to go. I think I may kickstart this and donate the doll to the school over the road for play time. I am kind of surprised that the soulless, money hungry entities that make up most toy manufacturers haven’t already plugged this obvious profit gap though.

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Very cool. Back in the days of yore my sister had some of the…I’ll call them anti-Barbie dolls, where they aimed to have features like a proportioned waist and feet that weren’t designed for stiletto heels. It was always a downer that they inevitably didn’t succeed broadly so were discontinued. Hopefully this will have more success.

However, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict Mattel’s next move:

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Brittany Howard and Esperanza Spaulding hair! How sexy-awesome is that?!!! Rock AND Jazz covered at the same time!

I think my molecules are about to atomize over the thought. Oh, dear…

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