Mattel launches line of "gender inclusive" dolls

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Pretty happy to see something like this, i really don’t see why this has to be a big deal. It’s just giving a kid the ability to freely customize their figure however they want, i think the gender inclusive thing becomes a given. Kind of like going out of your way to say that carrots are vegan, of course they are… same thing here, give someone the freedom to design their figures to reflect their tastes and what they identify with and the end result will be something that naturally is inclusive.

The dolls look cute, though my suspicion here is Mattel is banking on making money on the accessories in the same way that build-a-bear makes a killing off accessories for their stuffed toys.


Cool. But do they still find math class hard?

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It doesn’t, but a substantial fraction of insecure reactionaries have cultivated among themselves a remarkable fear of a world where their preconceptions of gender norms are not universal.


Good for Mattel. I wonder how long it will be before some fuckwits (for example like this lot) start complaining about their kids being indoctrinated by this.

Yeah - them fuckers. Oh the irony of religious bigots of the US right being aligned with the above. In all other circumstances they’d likely be at each others’ throats.


Except the Mattel label. That’s still there.

On the one hand, I agree.

On the other, I’m firmly in the camp of the people who feel corporations are soulless monstrosities whose only goal is to squeeze all the money they can from people before the next profit cycle rolls around, and will change positions faster than a contortionist with hiccups if it gets them a few more dollars or “free” publicity.

Still, it’s an interesting step they are taking; by creating this line of dolls they are picking a side.

How long do you think it’ll be before there’s a toy bonfire at Westboro Baptist Church?


Even if it wasn’t Mattel the ultimate goal for anyone with a line of dolls would be to make money. But i do hope to see people making custom clothes, doll parts and accessories in the same way that there’s a lively community around custom dollfies. I would expect that’d be the case because its basically the same concept just with a younger audience, i have several friends that are into dollfies and they’re really cool but its an expensive hobby. On the plus side its all small independent makers/artists doing custom clothes and parts usually and it can teach people how to sew, paint, and if they get really into it how to sculpt and do molding.


In a world with custom emojis and avatars all over social media and games, this is a totally logical move. I even have the perfect tag line:

“Who wants to play with Barbie, when you can play with yourself.”

PM me, Mattel, for where you can pay pal me my consultation fee.

And American Girl dolls have been doing this for decades. I am sure there is a market for something that is on a smaller, cheaper scale.


I’m playing with myself right now!



Cue the Butthurt Boycott by overzealous Xian fundies and TERFs who weren’t going to be buying any dolls anyway, in 3, 2, …


I agree with the things you are hoping for, and hope for them as well.

I also hope Mattel doesn’t sue any of them, or anyone else that tries to bring “gender inclusive dolls” to market, now that their big, lawyer encrusted, fingers are in the pie.

I also like to think that somewhere, someone is making dolls because they love making dolls, and the money they can make isn’t the defining purpose. Like I assume this person does; one of whose dolls I bought last year at the Denver Oddities Expo. I hope she’s at the one coming up in a couple weeks.

I know we live in a capitalist society, and everyone needs money to survive or thrive. But I’m tired of everything being all about the Benjamins.


Even without Mattel’s line there’s still a healthy market for custom figures and dolls, though i honestly don’t know how much of that includes a younger audience. There’s bound to be a market already for it but if not there’s good opportunity there for small makers :slight_smile:


About time. Kind of 10-20 years late, though - would have been a bit radical even 5 years ago, whereas now it’s less of being in front of the curve and rather more a zeitgeist cash-in after others have done all the work. (see also Apple who do that all the time)

Mattel being Mattel, basically.


I think most of the dolls’ critics would stop if they included fedoras & neck beards as options for the dolls

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This is progressive I suppose. I just wonder how relevant dolls are to kids now. Most parents seem to occupy their kids attention with shiny iPads :cry:

There are genders other than female and metrosexual, Mattel.


There’s at least one (I know because I watch it) reasonably popular YouTube channel that produces regular content showing kids how to make clothes, accessories, and furnishings for Barbie-size dolls out of cheap household or recycled materials… unfortunately YouTube just gutted monetization of that kind of thing in their crackdown reaction to unlabeled ad/sponsored content targeted towards children, so now instead of crafts for “dolls” and your “dollhouse” you’re making accessories for “1/6 scale fashion models” and their “room dioramas” to avoid the over-broad algorithm changes.


I like the idea, and I like look of the dolls, except for their hands. They look weirdly tiny to my eye.

Maybe they’re inspired by a contemporary public figure! :wink:

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