Help kids see A Wrinkle In Time for free

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The kiddo is stoked to see this movie. She really liked the book.


Wrinkle In Time was a formative book for me, and I sincerely hope the movie’s good and that Ava DuVernay is as “visionary” as the cast keeps insisting she is.


I’m a fan of the original book, and I have to say that what I’ve seen so far has not been terribly encouraging. So, yeah, here’s hoping.


So… let me make sure I understand this.

AMC is selling tickets to the charity for $10 each.

As in, you give $10 to the charity, they give AMC $10, and AMC distributes a free ticket to a deserving kid.

Why, gee, AMC, what a great humanitarian move. Barely, bravely charging more than full price.

(At my local AMC theatre, a child’s seat for Black Panther at 8:00 is $7.49. That is a 2-d showing.)

Obviously, if they are donating a ticket to the charity for every $10 they raise (for the charity to keep) during this promotion, I’ll gladly change my mind.


The book was a big influence on me growing up. (And the sequel introduced me to the endosymbiotic theory of origin of eukaryotic cells.)

That being said, I’ll wait until I see the movie before I fund tickets for anyone else.

I remember loving the book when I was a kid, then being excited to read it with my older kid. I got the book, read it with him and was astonished at how bad it was as a science fiction novel. Just bollocks.

That said, the movie might be fun. Chances are I’ll spend $10 per kid to take my 2 deserving kids to it, if I remember while it is in town.

I honestly never even considered what a powerful feminist message that book had until long after I’d grown up. Which is really a sign of great storytelling—women and girls doing a bunch of heroic stuff without making a big deal of the fact that they’re all women and girls. Just the kind of storytelling we should be exposing our kids to.


Congratulations, you win the Unpopular Take of the Day Award


Screw all those undeserving kids out there!


Is there a way you can pay $10 to revoke a ticket from an undeserving kid?

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