Help me find cheap overnight parking!

Don’t you guys have state parks in California? That’d be my bet if I wanted cheap parking. Just book the same lot for a year lol.

Illegal. Max stay 30 days.


What if you move around the various state parks with different accounts? I use a fake name when I book time in the state parks in PA.

These folks have jobs & kids in school. There aren’t 160,000 camp sites within an hour of LA.


How many state parks do you have and whats the avg number of campsites?

Just do (number of state parks * avg number of campsites) to find a figure.

LA has 4 state parks, and only Dockweiler has camping. 118 RV sites. Minimum $55/day (yes, that’s $1650/mo for a parking spot, electric + water), with additional fees for more than 4 people. Maximum stay 21 days out of 60, 60 max per year.


So… 6 fake accounts and $19,800 a year but, your rent out there is literally hundreds of dollars right? So if someone had a high income, they could pull it off by making 6 fake accounts which are tied to real credit card or debit card information but, I mean maybe you could pay in bitcoin right or those temporary credit cards you buy at the drugstore or wallmart i.e. pre-paid cards?

How much is the rent on avg per day for a low end apartment in California?

Good luck with that. RV parks have camp hosts who are usually retired people who get to camp for free in exchange for running the park. Even with 6 fake IDs, very good ones, they are going to notice that the 2002 VW camper van hasn’t changed, and neither has your face, or your kid’s faces.


Use 6 different tents. I’ve camped dozens of times and maybe they checked my ID once.

Good to hear you have permanently solved homelessness for everyone forever. /s


I’m sure you’ve got one of these in your tent, too:


I’m not suggesting that. I’m merely saying what I would try if I wanted to see if it was cheaper and if I could get away with it.

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