Help the UK Pirate Party write its 2015 election manifesto


Here, a common problem is that a company develops a software system for taxpayers’ money, to maintain some data - car db, municipial smartcards system…

Then it turns out that the company holds the rights to the system, and the taxpayers are on the hook for ongoing licensing and appropriately overpriced maintenance.

If taxpayer money is used to write such code, the code should be FOSS-licensed and usable for everybody, including but not limited to building other IT projects. The data should not be owned by the corporation, its role should be only to provide the code and optionally to maintain it as long as they are doing a good and cost-effective job; if not, they should be easily replaceable.

Similarly, if taxpayers’ money are used to collect data, the data should fall under similar policies.


Even the job of “political hack” is getting outsourced now?

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