Help wanted: Archivist for the Prince museum at Paisley Park

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You mean Moodymann hasn’t applied for the job yet?


And they say librarianship is dead.

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This is a promotional opportunity. Benefits may be offered after successful completion of a sixty (60) day introductory period.

Do I misunderstand, or does this mean “Work for us for free for two months and then we’ll start paying you. Maybe.”


If you’ve ever been to Paisley Park, you can see how this job description is perfect for the place. Some of the listed responsibilities are vague or general, many are very specific, and often unrelated. It seemed that everyone there has the same odd/overlapping job description: part tour-guide, part security, and no one is quite sure what they can let you do or see but they know they can’t let you do everything and see all of it. It’s like Prince’s ghost is there and they don’t want to displease him.

It means, “vacation, medical, etc, kick in after we’ve decided you’re right for the position.”

The clause was added to make sure the candidate can correctly master Quark Express and successfully become a pescatarian.


Of course, there are private archives, and this happens to be one of them…

Makes sense for the field, actually.

Prince’s ghost makes sense?

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