Haunted Mansion castmembers built a shrine to "Grandma Joyce," whose urn was found in the gardens


I wonder how long it will be before they’ll allow ashes to be scattered on the grounds for a an extra fee?
It’s a rather large untapped revenue stream.


the odds are that the remains her family scattered throughout the ride are still around.

They use a special hepa-filtered vacuum for cleanup every time ashes are found in the Mansion.


Agreed. My first thought is that it’s an untapped market with a demand. How much more would someone pay to be buried at a replica of the Disney Mansion Graveyard, complete with a prop mansion? Undertaker and staff could be dressed like Disney butlers & maids. But no, I wouldn’t allow it to happen at the real Haunted Mansion. A family could go broke visiting your graveside.

hope no terrorist uses a fake urn filled with anthrax dust

We came to honor Grandpa Kruger, now he rests inside the Hoover.

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