Disney theme parks have a serious problem with cremain-scattering


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Look. if you have to hide something in pill bottles then you already know what you’re doing isn’t acceptable.


As someone who was once a custodian for a college dorm: I’ve dealt with worse, and so have they.


This is nothing – they’ve had a giant mouse infestation since the frst park opened.


I can imagine that the amount of people caught in the act is a minority, so most ashes just stay there. I don’t think Disney wants to look closely to analyze the location and see how many human remains contains


For a place billed as the Happiest Place On Earth, they sure don’t have a sense of humor.


Yeah, like how the men’s shower drains are always clogged. Young men are a bunch of animals.


I used to have to clean bathrooms at a camp facility. Men are slobs, but the women’s facilities were always a hundred times worse.


“The Haunted Mansion probably has so much human ashes in it that it’s not even funny,” said one Disneyland custodian.

This would lead me to believe that they have reached the maximum capacity of 1,000 ghosts.


I wasn’t a big fan of mopping up menstrual blood matted with hair, myself.


Am I alone in thinking that this act – while stupid, thoughtless and messy – isn’t really all that gross?


This thread progression:


If this is such a recurring problem, maybe the Capitalist Mouse should build a scatter garden and offer it for a fee. Just think of the quirky pun tombstones over actual mass graves…


That’s… not something that happens. Clogs, sure. But that’s all hair, and hair is bad enough. Also, these days bathrooms are coed. But @nungesser is onto something about cleaning out the containers for menstrual products. I’ve never been grossed out by period stuff and I think it’s weird that people are, but let that stuff fester wet overnight and it acquires… a quality. I’m glad that those containers cut down on the clogs.

Actually the worst thing? I’d have to think it was someone smearing shit on the walls, or maybe it was when people shat in the showers, or maybe when students deliberately clogged toilets with shit because they didn’t feel their floor custodian was doing a good job. (The last laugh on that last one is always had by the person who doesn’t live in the dorm.)

Pro-tip: Don’t vomit in the sink if you can help it. The floor doesn’t clog as easy.

Edited to add: Having had a close up view of their trash and recycling habits, I can say college kids are bad for the environment.

Edited to add, again: I feel we may have strayed from the topic at hand.


Is it though? I mean yes, it’s pulverized bone but it’s also sterile. I’m sure they have to deal with plenty of much worse and definitely not sterile stuff on a daily basis.


Ash scattering is a misdemeanor? How is it worse than ashtray emptying?


I don’t think Disney would be too thrilled about people emptying ashtrays into the waters of Pirates of the Caribbean, either.


Is it wrong of me to be giggling happily at Code Grandma?


The cremation industry really doesn’t like the word “cremains” when dealing with the remains of humans, because they think it’s disrespectful. Hey, guys? You just pulverized the charred bones of their dead loved one. I don’t think they’ll be all that broken up over the term you use for the dust.

Also, I’m glad my relatives won’t have to worry about my cremains. They can dump them in the bin. I won’t care. I’ll be dead. If they go to Disneyland, it should be to ride some rides, not to indulge in some dead guy’s selfish fantasy.


Ash scattering is a misdemeanor? How is it worse than ashtray emptying?