The filthiest camp at Burning Man




InB4 a bunch of “hurr hurr filthy hippies” chuckling from people who didn’t bother to read past the headline and the picture.


Weird. Even I know you’re not supposed to do this – not doing this is almost the whole point, as I understand it.


Actually, DPW playa restoration has been doing Moops maps for many years now.

These maps really help.

However, Gypsy Camp seems to be unprecedented. wow – that’s horrible.


The problem is that the campers in this one camp are all from far away (like other countries), so they don’t have their own cars with which to carry all that crap out. The camp organizer is apparently a serial asshole in this regard.


I would imagine they were pretty demoralized. Betrayed and starving, it’s kind of hard to care about others. Also, some of them might not realize that the scammer who set them up isn’t typical of Burning Man.


I’d think that the fact they survived due to the community’s support and despite Moonshine’s scammery might leave them with an accurate takeaway.


I agree, but I wasn’t there. Just speculating.


What kinds of solutions would the spirit of burningman offer? Could it work out that the refugees of this camp get distributed into willing hosts camps, and then everyone run this charlatan out of town?


I don’t get this “INB4” type comment… yes, there are lots of dumb, uninsightful responses one could make to the story. I don’t really get why you think it’s important that you make the point before anyone else – especially because you specifically think it’s something an uninformed person would make. What am I missing? That this is some sort of prophylactic against dumb comments? … because, trust me, I don’t think that will work.


I have no sympathy for the “they had to beg for” portion. I am sorry they got scammed, what they needed to do when they realized shit was not right was to LEAVE. Not leave their junk behind, not beg from others beyond the days necessities - leave and go to a town where they could get help or call friends/family. Irresponsible behavior is not excused because you were scammed but wanted to stay for the party and not clean up.


Part of the tragedy of “radical inclusion” is that the community doesn’t give itself the power to disinvite repeat offenders. As long as they can pull together the vounteers to make and clean up the moop map, there’s no reason to risk alienating the ticket buying jerks
sez who consider cleanup a part of what they paid for at the gate. And even if they barred certain named camps from attending, you’d still get the same bad players under different camp names. Its the same story as with the scalpers, you get to have a magical experience so long as you’re in the “in” crowd
, everyone else gets buyer beware.


I believe it was an exhortation to RTFA.


And this is exactly why you NEVER, EVER eat the brown acid.


I fully place the responsibility of this on the organizers of Burning Man. Their failure to educate people on what the situation will be like, and their failure to have a contingency plan when garbage (not “MOOP”, it’s called “garbage”) is left out there to rot. I’m pretty sick of hearing about Burning Man, btw.


If only there was some way to scroll past the topics that don’t interest you instead of reading and commenting on them.


You can’t disinvite Moonshine, but you can take one of his thumbs. What an odious character.


I think it is the new “first” or “+1” :slight_smile:


When I hear about assholes fucking up nature I won’t scroll past and I won’t be silent. Believe me you will not see my comments on the dusty photo galleries of derivative, gimmicky sculptures and manbaby asscheeks.


If you had the first clue what you were talking about, you would know that the organization provides every ticket buyer with a fairly exhaustive guide to “what it’s going to be like,” including the exhortation to not only pack out your own trash, but also to spend an hour picking up in general. Reminders to this effect are commonly found in common areas; no one can plausibly plead ignorance.