Original tombstones return to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion


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At least it was just the headstones that were removed.


We should write epitaphs for each other.

“Here lies Frauenfelder, Mark.
He writes no more: the coffin’s dark.”

“Here that guy Brainspore rests eternal.
That’s just his urn. It’s NOT a urinal.”

“'Twas heart failure took down Rob Beschizza.
The safecracker’s bill was a wicked pissah.”

I’d do more, but there’s a meeting…


Well, at least the family relation finally explains Cory’s obsession with the Haunted Mansion.


Cory really isn’t nearly obsessed enough. If there were a few Haunted Mansion (and other Disneyland) posts on BB a day, it still wouldn’t be enough.


I think that it’s John Frost’s grandfather, not Cory’s.


FYI you guys write about Haunted Mansion so much that I now have a recurring dream about going even though I’ve never been. This isn’t necessarily a complaint. It’s better than my usual teeth-falling-out-while-I-also-can’t-find-the-bathroom dream.


Are you planning to ever visit the Happiest Place on Earth? Even with its flaws, it’s still the Happiest Place on Earth.


I went as a child to Disney World, and had the best time. I even met Mickey Mouse! What are the chances!?!?
My parents definitely decided that a Haunted Mansion was too scary for 5 year old me.


Cory D. Lies Under This Rock
Felled by a Heavy Writer’s Block

Our Good Friend Mark, Sadly Dead
An Unhappy Mutant Ate His Head


On Caturday did Xeni fall,
Those kitties are carniv’rous, y’all.

Dear Falcor choked upon a troll,
And rests now 'neath this grassy knoll.


If you like Disney at all, you can absolutely have a good time at Disneyland as an adult. I haven’t been since 2005, when I moved away from Southern California, and I am pining to go back. There’s a group that does a thing called Dapper Days, twice a year; I want to do that.


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