Control room at the Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion Backstage tumblr has outdone itself with a set of photos from about 2002 showing the control-room at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. These are the photos I’ve dreamed of seeing all my life. Photos of the Disneyland Mansion’s control room and corridors. READ THE REST

Cool. The cheapo version of NASA mission control circa 1969.

And again… Why is it that some of my comments are credited to “Steve”, and some to “Jake0748” , (as the latter is correct)?

It’s not exactly complicated. Half a dozen buttons run the ride. I guess this is exciting to Disney fans, eh?

Did you try asking Steve?

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How is it possible that after all this time, and all the very specific fan posts, that Cory’s never been invited back stage to the Haunted Mansion?

They don’t want to spoil the magic in the Magic Kingdom for him!
Or they are so embarrassed by their 1978 technology that they don’t want people to know it. It’s like when you know how the magic trick works. 'That’s not that big of deal!"

What I find interesting is just how boring it must be for the operators. On the other hand constantly monitoring for assholes who want to jump off the ride and take flash photos must keep them on their toes.

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We’ve secretly trapped you in MineCraft to see if you’d notice… you pass, you noticed.

Makes me think of Cabin in the Woods


All that’s missing is the Delos technicians slumped over their workstations.


I rode the Haunted House young enough that I still look slightly askance at it, wondering if my mother would still try and reassure me that it was all tricks and illusion. Illusion became my mot de jour for six months after that.

I can still see the shiny green skeletons sitting next to me. Right now.

Getting a creepy feeling looking at these control room pics. I keep expecting an old recording of Cave Johnson to start up any second…

When my daughter was 6 she wanted to.ride this very,very much. Nattered endlessly about it. We finally went to Disney,.I took her on the ride. Boom the thing drops from the ceiling she’s done. Next thing I feel a tap on my shoulder, I jump out of my skin, the nice man escorts us out. I got to see that room and the tunnels underground. Pretty cool.

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Came here to say that!

You’ve dreamed all your life of seeing photos of a dingy, windowless, ill-lit basement full of 1970s hardware in institutional green? Cory, I love you, but that’s really weird. Backstage Disney is where the magic goes to die.

It’s a useful reminder of how much Disney values the comfort and happiness of the people whose hard work makes them billions, though.

Believe me, I noticed.

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