Source of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion "party noise" identified

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Track 15 on this album is:

Medieval Battle (15th Century)

Good they clarified it, I had doubts was it rather 15th or 14th century, listening to the clutter of the swords alone.


My favorite detail in the ballroom is that it has Captain Nemo’s pipe organ from the Nautilus.


As an extra bonus, Track 8 shows us where we can get more cowbell.


It IS nice to see what these rides and attractions are all about, to a point. and if the footage was shot secretly with a potato - that would be fine. But when you can go into these places with a 4K DJI gimble rig and shoot away… that should be frowned upon.

I would still go, but it rubs some of the magic off.

For reasons never quite clear to me, my dad owned a set of a dozen or more of these sound effects records, and I used to love to listen to them on their own. It’s fascinating to me how widely dispersed some of these sounds have gotten. I hear them pop up as samples in songs, or (usually older) TV shows, etc.


its not just a “fan theory”. I have some mp3s of the ride soundtrack and by inverting the polarity of one track of the ballroom scene i was able to isolate the talking. And i can clearly hear at least part of it used: i made a quick youtube viseo so you can hear side by side: haunted mansion bg talking - YouTube


Ah, James Mason; be still my beating heart.


Perhaps not as hot as he was in “Odd Man Out”.


But, then, it really about his voice; like a male Glynis Johns or Joan Greenwood.

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I understand the notion of losing a little bit of the magic. However, I was grateful those high-def videos were around during the early days of the pandemic. The kids loved them.

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And then there’s the (infamous) Wilhelm Scream, which has a drinking game associated with it.

I’m only aware of two Disneyland rides that use that scream, so you probably wouldn’t get too drunk playing that game during a visit.

In the context of movies in general, though… (which is were I was coming from, and I apologize for not being that specific about it.)

Hey! This is the sound that people still use as the “big mainframes are producing your answer” sound!


Chinese balloons are spying on you:

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