Muppet-ifying Disney's Haunted Mansion

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Please tell me that wallpaper is available to buy.


Can someone please explain to this “damn foreigner” what the fascination with the Haunted Mansion is?

Old-school Disney campiness, some low-tech charm of high-concept design, atmosphere, imagination… I love it, and Pirates both: the immersive, dark rides that just assault your senses with the experience.

And it doesn’t hurt being exposed to both as a child, and catching big nostalgia every ride. Even as they are updated, they’re a touchstone to a simpler time for me. Way more engrossing than a CG-fest.


From an outsider’s point of view, I just find it weird that Haunted Mansion gets all this love and I don’t see anything similar for any other Disney ride.

It’s a Small World?

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They managed to spin a whole multibillion-dollar franchise out of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.


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