The secret genius of the Haunted Mansion: its amazing, invisible queue

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Love the ride; hate the queue. It feels way too claustrophobic for me, and I experienced a lot of pushing and jostling as we exited the stretch room. “warehouses where they will not get in each other’s way” – not my experience at all.

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The glass slides for the ride just sold at auction. Each painting used 5 or 6 slides to complete the effect and were loaded in WED-built custom projectors. The slides themselves were actually large format photographs of mounted artwork. If i remember correctly, the winning bids were between $4k and $7k for a complete set of one transition, depending on their individual significance (i.e., the cat -lady fetched a higher price than the ghost ship).

One day I’d love to take a bunch of LSD and explore the absolutely synthetic, vertiginous encapsulation of design that the Disney Parks embody.

I’ve heard stories of Bibles dipped in acid and the tearing out of specific psalms or passages appropriate to the ride or experience to be undertaken.

Sounds like an enrapturing experience. :smile:


Social life in general in the U.S. feels a little like the line at the Haunted Mansion.


It’s likely mostly the same everywhere.


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