Jack Plotnick hilariously takes on Disney's Carousel of Progress

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Not a big fan of the snarky humor, but apparently the “control harness” used by live actors to control animatronics that was depicted is/was a real thing, which seems pretty amazing for 1960s tech.

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So was the death of a cast member who got crushed between rotating sets in Disneyland’s America Sings, which replaced Carousel of Progress. She was 18, it was a tragedy, and I kinda wish he didn’t joke about that.

The Matterhorn commentary was funny though. It was the end of an era when the old lap-sitting bobsleds were updated with individual seats about 10 years ago. Someone I know who worked at the attraction described the old vehicles as leading to a situation he called “awkward sister boners” given that it was often families that would share the vehicles.


This was a swing and a miss for me. Maybe I need to know more about Disney history or something? Is the guy shooting the robots supposed to be a comment on some event that happened, or just a non-sequitur fantasy the homewrecker is having? @Otherbrother says the last joke references a real person’s real death, which ain’t cool. I just can’t understand what point the author wants to make with this. It kind of seems anti-Disney, yet requires a relatively Disney-fanboy attitude to invest this effort into making the video? I dunno, the whole piece feels really off-putting to me.

This was not as funny as I was led to believe. I want my money back.

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