Jungle Boat skippers re-enact the ride while it is being renovated


Love it! They are an inventive bunch; once we were on a Jungle Boat when it came off the track and got stuck. They had to bring another Jungle Boat alongside, then we boarded it, which was a nifty bit of verisimilitude, bobbing alongside each other, and the crews had a running patter of situational humor the whole time.

I hope Disney realizes what a treasure they have there… those folks, especially the “leader” could inject all sorts of fun into Disney animation projects, for example. They’re fun, they’re creative…

Somebody get her a PA system!

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“Oh no it’s the natives.” For real?


Yeah. I googled; apparently that’s part of the real ride. Disney has gone to some lengths to edit the blatant racism out of their old movies, haven’t they? I’m a little surprised they’re getting away with this. Maybe they figure that if they changed it, Fox News would make a bigger fuss out of the change than any ongoing complaints about the current version.

Yeah, the ride is pretty dated, but typical of what was considered appropriate 1960s children’s humor. We went on it for the first time a couple years ago and I was surprised to see how blatantly politically incorrect it was. At one point you have figures of a group of headhunters carrying spears and circling a big black pot. At another, you have a group of khaki-clad and pith-helmeted explorers who were chased up a totem pole by tigers, who have ripped out the seat of their fez-hatted native guide who was last up the pole. So it’s a bit surprising they hadn’t overhauled it long ago.

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