Disney's Jungle Boat Cruise goes Christmas: Jingle Boats


I’ll be jazzed to see the final outcome of this when you’re released from nondisclosure.

Are you on site at Disney? Which park? If those questions can be answered.

So many of these special seasonal Disney park and ride embellishments seem like gilding the lily. It’ll be interesting to see how much more “amazing” Disney’s JUNGLE RIDE will be after proper Christmasization. I’m almost expecting Mickey Claus and Jesus Christ (or is that Mickey Christ) to emerge from the swamp bringing good cheer and Disney merch to excited and amazed Disney patrons. If DisneyCorp wants to appeal to the Twitter Generation, why not just level the old parks and just hand everyone an interactive iPad?

They’ve always done this for some attractions. The Haunted Mansion for Halloween would have live actors in the ride to add a different element of interest for haloween.

The Jungle cruise is cast member driven by their ‘tour guide’ spiel–the actual ride is rather lame; it’s the cast member “Skippers” that make the ride and they have great freedom and some prescripted things Which can change from season to season, from cast member to cast member, pop culture etc…etc. They still improvise over those limitations. Which keeps the ride fresh and interesting as a performance peice set in a rather cheesy atmosphere.

“And now, we reach the dock side of the Farce”

I haven’t been to Disneyland since 2001, when it was undergoing serious growing pains, yet still maintained some of its 1950s charm. It had yet to become bloated by the various cancerous influences of movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Cars”

Even as a kid, I rarely went to Disneyland with my family - and as a teenager and young adult would only visit if a friend had free passes. It’s difficult for me to relate to the adult fascination with all things Disney - and it’s even more difficult for me to see Disneyland as “The Happiest Place On Earth” - to deep thinkers, Disneyland has always epitomized the plastic commercialized version of “happy” (unless you’re one of the millions who’ve dropped acid or attended the park whilst drunk)

Plus it’s hard to believe people will shell out $92 for a single one day pass. And it’s rarely mentioned, but the surrounding neighborhoods adjacent to Disneyland are poor, crumbling eyesores…filled with gangs and gang violence. It’s not 1959 anymore. PS - I can’t speak to the neotonous glories of DisneyWorld, etc

Please, please, tell me they’ll be doing this instead of the horrible vandalism of the Haunted Mansion they usually do at Christmastime?

I can understand the critics of Disney, being evil corporate empire etc. But still even after decades of profit motivations they provide a service that’s stood the test of time.

One of the better things is the Cast Members and their Customer Service.
A trip to Disney is a passage: and Customer Service there is outstanding no matter what ‘class’ you have.

As for surrounding area…I don’t see how that’s valid as Disney can not control that aspect of the neighborhoods.

That’s because it’s basically theater. Even the street sweepers are part of the ‘cast’ in the theater; in the past a street sweeper will have a ‘guest recovery’ empowerment. So if a kid drops his popcorn…the street sweeper can go to the nearest popcorn cart and replace the item. At least that how has worked for ages at DL and WDW. The employees are indeed part of a big performance art peice.

Thank you for this informative post about the current projects of the Disney Corporation.

I can’t wait for “Pirates of the CaribbEaster”!!

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