Tokyo Disneyland's Jungle Cruise

At long last, Tokyo Disneyland is getting its own Jungle Boat Cruise, a first for a non-US Disney park. It will run night and day, and will sport a soundtrack and special effects. No word on whether the skippers will spiel and improv their way through the ride, or whether they’ll just drive the boats. READ THE REST

Doesn’t Hong Kong DL also have a Jungle Cruise?

Well, they are in a park, it’s distant from city centre, so I guess technically any cruise is a Jungle Cruise.

Skipper Dan goes to Tokyo!

Tokyo Disneyland has always had a Jungle Cruise. It is getting a thorough makeover though, which should be very nice

HKDL has a Jungle Cruise where the river catches on FIRE.

You threw me there for a bit, because I was sure I had ridden the Jungle Cruise at Tokyo in 2003.

It was my first time on a Jungle Cruise, and I did it at night. I remember riding along, not understanding a word, having a skipper talking to the crowd calmly, then leaping up and exploding into yelling and gesticulating into the dark. Then he’d settle down and we’d continue.

And repeat. For the whole trip.

It was fantastic.

Spiel and improv has not been there lately. The boat drivers are sticking really close to a script lest they say something funny enough to be offensive to somebody. They actually look sad when a passenger tries to engage them with some of the old-time banter.

I loved that ride as a child in florida because of the campy improv and the real reptiles that would sneak in. unfortunately i hear both those aspects have been resolved by management…sighs

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