Print out your own map of Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise

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Disney is the Antichrist, and the Jungle Cruise is its satanic menagerie. The howls of the damned power the little carts.

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I know, I KNOW!

The Jungle Cruise is my second favorite DLR attraction. My favorite is the (sadly edited) Tiki Room.

To the right you’ll see the large limestone outcropping, but most people take it for granite.

The only thing removed from the Disneyland Tiki Room’s original 1963 show is the Offenbach number. It was a clever edit by the Imagineers that successfully lessened the number of “walk-outs” during the show and kept those in power at The Walt Disney Company at the time from tearing out the whole thing.

The version of the show in Orlando is a different story: it’s been gutted.

:musical_score:I’m the Tour Guide on the Jungle Cruise ride. Skipper Dan is my name…:musical_note:

I know, I just really liked the Offenbach number.

The Orlando Tiki room had a fire in 2011. After that rebuild they dropped the Lion king and Aladien parrots and restored it to a slightly edited version of the original show—basically the same as Disneyland’s version.

My favorite DLR ride is the ZERO-G, one of the reduced gravity aircrafts :smile:

Probably in German (don’t know, I’m at work…) but the video is nice even without audio.

(I totally want to fly in one of those aircrafts!)

Oh, not gneiss!

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I think the Orlando cut-down is 8 minutes, while the Disneyland version is at least 12 minutes. Huge cuts, same thing as has been done to the Country Bear Jamboree–entire songs removed, lots of banter between the characters cut. A pity.

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