"LOCK HIM UP!" A guy heckles the Trumpbot at Disney World's Hall of Presidents


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Hahahah awesome man. Fight performance art with performance art, I always say.


When I was there on Dec. 22nd, a lone woman in the capacity crowd gave an abbreviated, though clearly supportive, cheer after Trumpbot spoke. I was disappoint.


Disneyworld better fasten their seatbelts securely for the next few years on this ride. This will be far from the last time this happens.


A hero comes in many shapes and sizes!


He could have saved a lot of time and money and not freaked out any kids by just yelling at him through the TV.


Disney Security:

Cross between Mayberry RFD, old school gas station attendant and a Marine Honor Guard.

Of course!


Wait a minute…


Jay Malsky knew he’d never get close enough to Donald Trump to heckle him in person, so he did the next best thing…

Next best thing? I don’t know, I think that the animatronic might be smarter than @realdonaldtrump


I don’t know about locking him up, but a restraining bolt might be prudent.


Indeed. He’s more harmful than an IKEA dresser.


You could probably sneak in a raspberry, loud cough, or other quick noises (especially easy to sneak in, if they’re natural like a cough) without getting caught. Come with a bunch of friends, sit separately, and disrupt the speech that way.

If that’s your sort of thing.


First, I’d check if it was another IoS talky-toy with open Bluetooth.


Why were you disappointed? Only one? Can you imagine her embarrassment?


I love it that Disney security is code named “The Mouse” within the park. As in, “You better behave or else we’ll call The Mouse in after you!”


Disney Jail” is the stuff of (urban) legend for teenagers who grew up in Southern California. I always pictured the place as a terrifyingly antiseptic white-tiled cellblock off the utilidors somewhere in the bowels of the park.



The treasure pile at the entrance to Pirates was the focus of another legend: the resting place of Walt’s cryo-storage unit.

Then there were the rumours about the brothel attached to Club 33.


Tell me more… :smirk:


I don’t think I made it through a single show with Bush Jr.’s animatronic without someone yelling at it, and during Obama’s first year or so, there was always a heckler. I’ll likely just avoid the Trump version — I don’t like waiting for some doofus to heckle a robot.