The Trumpdroid at Disney's Hall of Presidents looks an awful lot like a hastily modded Hillarybot


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Whatever the story behind it, you can’t fault them if they didn’t give it 110% on this one. It’s not like, if they tried really hard, they could’ve made a Turmp statue that didn’t soil everyone who looked upon it.


Wow, he looks like SHIIIIIIIIT


That must be why the hands are proportional.


I want this conspiracy theory to be true so badly.


Oddly enough his speech is just him repeating “ain’t got much of a rind on you-- I might even give you a discount” over and over and over.


Oh, FFS. It’s a terrible lousy unsuccessful attempt to mimic the appearance of a vile man, worse even than a cheap Halloween mask, but it’s been a year since the election and Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with it. Why are lazy jerks still blaming random failures on Hillary Clinton?


They could have used this and it would have looked much more lifelike


They say, when no one is watching… it moves.


Eh, no, not really. Unless you’re saying Hillary looks a little like a man?


Here me out on this”



Oh come on, if I’m going with a conspiracy theory I’m going to say that they gave it a Hillary shape to mess with Trump. I’m … disappointed in … twitter?


Those other President-bots are just staring daggers at his back


They probably forgot to apply the orange top coat.

Anyway, the whole thing is “FAKE NEWS!!!” The Trump statue is actually the greatest likeness ever and attendance at the HoP has been the highest ever since it was unveiled. It’s been rumored that Disney is considering opening another park just to host the statue.


They are using their invisible secret presidential heat vision to melt him.


That’s what tRump looks like with-out his makeup on.



That’s it! I couldn’t put my finger on why it looked so terribly unlike the guy until this. Even though a visit to the Hall of Presidents is like a trip to the uncanny valley on the best of days…


They really captured his lack of a soul.


The poor robot just looks so sad.