Disney's Hall of Presidents show reportedly rolled back so Trumpbot won't get a speaking role


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/19/international-hall-of-presiden.html


Instead they could add Trumpbot to the Haunted House.


No one was giving any serious thought to it being Trump.

Understatement of the year.


Only if they add easily washable seat covers to the cars.


Good – this was my prediction when they closed for the 6 month refurb. Trump puts them in a no-win scenario… either add him and have protesters, people booing, and a deeply controversial element added to the show, or don’t add him and have Trump fans yelling that he’s being censored.

They only started adding the AAs for living presidents with Clinton, so it’s not like this is a longstanding tradition. Moving the show back to being about the history of the Presidency makes sense. If it were up to me, I’d have three speaking presidents – Washington, Lincoln, and FDR – to talk about the Presidency during huge turning points.



I think it would be better to leave it as is, and make his spoken bit the quote from the Access Hollywood bus. He said something about women’s cats, if I recall correctly. That one.


FWIW, we’re planning another trip to Disney World soon. My 5 year old daughter said, “Even though we don’t like Trump, I really want to go the the presidents show again!”

I think 90% of what she likes about that show is the air-conditioning, tho.


I hope they have Obama do an eyeroll when they announce trump in the roll call.


Hmm, it’s that or “It’s A Small World,” as one of the little Russian puppets.


Now I’m looking forward to seeing pix of The Presidents Club in 2021…


I don’t want the M’fr in there either but, wouldn’t you say that with Trump that we are at a huge turning point?


It’s like his name is being chiseled off the Kings List.


They should have the Trump-bot say the “grab 'em by the pussy” quote, but they should censor the word “pussy” with the cuckoo bird sound, that way the little kids can find it funny.


Most. Persecuted. Bot. Ever.


The article is a bit misleading. The first current president to speak was Clinton. Even at that time there was some controversy because once you do it for one, then you kinda have to keep going to be fair and balanced. So they could have stopped after W because the score would have been 1 - 1. But they persisted. Obamabot got cheered and jeered early on, but that eventually waned as time went on. So this is for the best. Really returning the show back closer to the original one. There is a part of me that would like to see him standing next to Nixon’s chair. But Nixon is kinda towards the front. I’d rather they stick him way way back on the far alt-right of the stage.


Look, I hate Trump as much as the next person – probably more so – but let’s be honest: when it comes to LGBT stuff, Trump is actually better than most of his fellow Republicans.

[When I was driving into work this AM, for example, NPR was talking a story about his upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia, and in it they played a clip from the campaign of him solidly criticizing/ranting SA, one of his main complaints being “they push gay people off buildings there.” He’s also on the public record that he want the Republican party to accepting of gays within it’s ranks.]

Yes, Trump is a scary, narcissistic asshole. But by Republican standards, he’s an LGBT-rights activist.


Well that and Tic Tac didn’t like Disney’s idea about putting in the mints as product placement in the attraction


Trump himself may be fine with marriage equality, etc… But he will need to pander to fundamentalists, in Congress and among his base, to maintain his Conservative Cred.


There was some confusion whether it was, “Putin in the mints”…