Disney's Hall of Presidents show reportedly rolled back so Trumpbot won't get a speaking role


Is the speaker in the military? I’m really not happy hearing non-military use this formulation. He’s your elected employee, not your commander! Enough with the authoritarian framing! (And I know this goes back to at least Shrub, and it’s bothered me at least that long.)


Maybe Disney can . . . . no, fuck it. Just leave him out. Just put a black curtain with a “UNDER INVESTIGATION” sign around the spot where President Trump would stand.

75% of the country will get the joke. The true believers will be able to think “See? They’re saying he’s not guilty!”


Send Trumbot to the Whitehouse?


That was the other Trump, Candidate Trump. Different guy.


Can’t be any worse…


I was thinking Pirates of the Caribbean, as one of the lecherous pirates chasing after women.


Or if his entire speech was just “Women. Ya gotta treat 'em like shit” glides back behind curtain


Or that one laying drunk and singing with the pigs! That’d be awesome!


Well he wouldn’t chase them so much. He wouldn’t want to exhaust his finite supply of energy. He would be the pirate who barges unannounced into their dressing room.


At the Epcot Center’s American Experience, Teddy Roosevelt looks over the Grand Canyon and comes up with the National Park Service. In the next scene, Trump could be on a bulldozer ready to fill up the hole.


It’s a hell of an act.


Just have him sitting on a gold toilet in his underwear angrily hammering tweets into a phone. Then finish up with a toilet flushing sound effect followed by a crowd wooting and clapping.


Considering that this is what their animatronic puppet of Obama looks like, I think a retooling is completely justified.


And some retailoring.


Disney’s Hall of Presidents show reportedly rolled back so Trumpbot won’t get a speaking role

But talking is the only thing Donny knows how to do.


Just saying’ I like an article where a mention of Trump has to use the phrase ‘get out of jail’.


Our now defunct theme park in Wichita, Kansas - Joyland - had this trash recycling idea that the kids loved. It was a vacuum hose with the pursed lips of a pig around it. Perfect showcase for 45.


I’m not sure if an LGBT-rights activist would remove all protections for transgender students, revoke protections for federal LGBT employees, or remove LGBT people from multiple federal surveys. Then again, he did hold an upside-down crumpled-up pride flag on stage once. Gosh, what an advocate!


Shouldn’t the Shit Gibbon be part of the Jungle Cruise ride?


Sounds like fun.

But for a representation of Trump you would have to deal with… ahem… the other end of Porky.