Disney World's Hall of Presidents Trumpbot will speak after all


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“I’m the best, really the greatest android of them all. Look at these hands, so luxurious and beautiful. Steaks for sale just past the exit.”


Oh goody. I can sleep better tonight.


“extensive new piping and chutes are being installed so that bullshit can pour out of the animatronic character’s mouth”


In his own words: Sad!


I eagerly await reports of fights breaking out between the boo-ers and the nutters in the HoP once it reopens.


Hook it up to trump’s twitter feed.


Because 'murica is Disney’s golden goose that’s why.


“I just grab em by the pussy! It’s incredible. When you’re famous you can do anything! Anything!”

So glad we have this utter buffoon in the oval office for the children to look up to.

When will we see pp tape?


Uh, “Yes, I’m Fake News!” :slight_smile:


In talking to some Disney insiders, the big issue has been first that Trump’s team refused to let the Imagineers collaborate on the script, and then the near-impossibility of scheduling recording time (given that the man works 6-7 hr days and only weekdays, he’s got a few thousand things on his plate more important than recording a Disney speech). And the speech they provided Disney was so bad that there was a lot of talk internally about going back to the pre-Clinton days of just having Lincoln talk.

But they’re in a lose-lose situation, really. If they don’t have him talk, they anger a small, very loud and violent group of park visitors. If they do have him talk, they risk people booing him every single show and being angry about a guy that most Americans didn’t vote for and is actively racist.

Personally I think the hope is that if they delay until the end of the year, that he’ll get kicked out anyway and they can avoid the issue.


The tricky part will be getting the Obama eyeroll and sigh just right.


I’m sure it will be very popular with Russian tourists… the rest of us may need subtitles. :wink:


Not to nitpick, but (nitpicks) that would have happened no matter which of them got elected.


They’re getting up to speed with the rest of the country.


In the mean time, they should just point anyone looking for Trump to the Dumbo ride. Problem solved!


I know that our country’s lousy voting turnout means that most people just fart around rather than actually vote, but at least most of the time the incumbent in office is someone who got a majority of the popular vote as well as the electoral college.


Having the Trumpbot shutdown everyday from 10am till 10pm for routine maintenance might do the trick.


They will only use the best words, so this will be easy.


“No puppet. No puppet. You’re the puppet.”