Putting a super-advanced Lincolnbot through his paces


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pulls cray-cray Jim Carrey faces



And to think they went with Daniel Day Lewis for the film…


They should program it with the famous Trmup facial expression sequence meltdown


Just imagine how freaky it must have been for the Imagineers who had to build the Trumpbot for the Hall of Presidents at Disney World.


Maybe Lincolnheads™ will be the next Furby!


At first I thought wow, that’s Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead… but the robotic version has much more charisma.

Turns out the actor’s name is Andrew Lincoln. Coincidence… or synchronicity?


I wonder how much work it would take to make it move like a real person instead of a cray-cray fake person.



“Why do they call the scariest robot ‘the emancipator’, daddy?”

“Well, because that was the unit that turned man’s machines against him and brought our civilization to a terrible end; also, it was fashioned in the likeness of a great warlord from the Before Times.”


They could do Trump as a stepping stone.


The real test, however, will be to put him in a box seat at a play.


The new generation of electric actuators is a big improvement over the old hydraulic systems. There’s a few animatronic characters I’m aware of that have been known to weep reddish hydraulic fluid out of their eyes when they blow a seal, which is not an ideal show condition for younger guests.


The ability of this thing to portray convincing emotion and realistic movement is really quite amazing, which just makes those occasional, awkward UV moments all the more disturbing. But really, as a longtime animatronics aficionado there’s not much I don’t love about this.


They probably just put a moldy sack of potatos on a chair, spraypaint it orange, put a dead stoat on top and call it a day. Nobody will know the difference.


The ears need some more work, I think, but other than that…

BTW, could someone please make a GIF of that wink at 5:20?


Winkin’ Linc’n is excellent; and maybe a name for a Nerdcore artist.


Okay, so, if the idea is to be “hyperrealistic,” why are the corners of Lincoln’s mouth almost even with the outside corners of his eyes? Even people with wide mouths (and Lincoln seems to be one of them) don’t have that happen.

I understand that the uncanny valley is almost impossible to climb out of, so I’m not really faulting them for failing to convince me overall, but that seems like a basic measuring kind of thing, right?


Now make it do the “evil robot reveal” from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey!


Excuse my perversion, but I can’t help but think that soon we will live in a society that includes Lincoln sexbots.