Animatronic Trump more life like than the real thing

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Excellent. Now who’s gonna write the browser extension that’ll make this swap automatic on every image of the “real” Trump?


I like to think that late at night, after the very last guest is confirmed out of the gate, the imagineers gather in the Hall of Presidents. After the doors are closed someone produces a thumb drive and plugs it into the base of the Trump animatronic.

Which begins twitching and shouting, reciting the Access Hollywood tape, talking about how hot his daughter is, and shouts NO COLLUSION over and over.


I like the part where the animatronic Trump says to the Imagineers, “Not a puppet, not a puppet… You’re the puppet!”


…in Pinocchio’s voice!


I think that you have chosen (for why, I don’t know) to improve “The Orange Ones” English usage. If I remember correctly what he said was “no puppet, no puppet…”.

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Ack, you’re right! That’s purely my mistake, I thought “not a puppet” was the quote.

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Obviously better looking than original - actually charming in comparison.

“I have all the best animations, the best, it’s true.”
“All the modelling is very accurate, very accurate, the parts you can’t see, bigly… you know what i mean.”
“Aside from my nose, not bigly at all! Fake news! Fake news! Gets smaller as I talk, not larger!”
“Where’s Mrs Punch? Got to grab me some of that! That’s the way to do it! That’s the way to do it!”
“There’s some very fine models on both sides, very fine.”


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