'Trump Bites,' a last look at lame duck Don's craziest utterances

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Great stuff. Don’t forget to mention that the animation is done by the legendary Bill Plympton.


Nope. Maybe in ten years or so.


Oh gods, that’s some classic Plympton animation there, paired exquisitely with some grade-A Trump dumbfuckery. That Russian roulette cartoon - that’s exactly how the early days of the Trump administration felt. I kept expecting the gun to go off, but over and over again, it didn’t. At some point one had to admit that this could only be true because the “gun” was broken.

I hadn’t heard some of this audio, and the levels of absurdity in that alone is something else. Trump claiming that Putin called him “brilliant.” He didn’t. The better translation would be “colorful.” You know, like a clown. Also the story of the “big man” crying in the White House. Trump has so many variations of these, and they’re all clearly fake, but I almost believe this one. After all, coming into the White House, with all its history, mixed as it may be, and seeing, of all people, Donald Trump in there pretending to be president, I’d likely cry, too.


the term “Lame Duck” is meant to emphasize the awkwardness and ineffectiveness of the official by conjuring the image of the awkward gait of a duck.

At this point we should acknowledge that trump has exceeded any evocation of ducks and the term should be wholly replaced with “Lame Trump” moving forward.


Also wandering why the last clip wasn’t Bill?

@AndreaJames A couple of Plymptons clips for those that haven’t seen his stuff before. From the feature length animation “The Tune”:


I love Bill Plympton. I have an original “Cell” from Hot Dog!! I cherish it!

He has a kickstarter right now to for his next project.


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