Trump Bros: the comic misadventures of Trump's sons


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Came here expecting a certain beloved dancing bug, but this is good too! Script a bit obvious but performances are great, especially those accents…


I think the key is heavy mouth-breathing.


Really, the heavy breathing, and completely open-mouthed chewing sells it:

I swear, this syncs up perfectly. It almost sounds like a large-breed dog trying to lick peanutbutter out of a wrapping paper tube.

Thing 1: "I hate myself."
Thing 2: "…Yeah"
Thing 2: "…I love this chicken though."
Thing 1: “…Yeah”


Does anyone else ever look at the Trump Bros. and think “one of them is definitely going to try to endear himself to the awkward hacker guy, then strangle his rival’s wife on the rooftop”?


Laughed so hard I blew boogers out’a my nose.


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