Donald Trump / Darth Vader mashup is perfect


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It’s all hilarious but 1:52 really captures how we all feel whenever Trump speaks.

Edit to add: there are a few parts where it sounds like he’s quoting Ben Carson. Not that I have any trouble believing Trump tried to stab someone, but if he is quoting Carson that’s a bit of a letdown. There’s more than enough crazy stuff Trump has said about himself.


OMG, the Macy’s bit…


I absolutely wet myself.


That was surprisingly entertaining! :slight_smile: thanks!


It’s not just what he says though. . . it’s the hammering idiocy of his cadence.

There might seriously be something wrong with him.


I am reminded of Woody Allen’s characters.


I was kinda hoping the Death Star would have a huge orange wig on top.


The only way this could have been better would be if at 6:40 they’d reversed the footage and Luke put the helmet back on.


Quite brilliant. I needed that.

This might even trump Snatch Wars. No pun intended. Well, maybe.


Hat duly doffed




Anybody else thinking about Darth Helmet?

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