Trump impressionist decries Scooby-Doo's unwarranted star billing

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He has the voice down, but he uses full sentences and diction. He also doesn’t reference himself (as Trump) and how he could have solved the mystery that wasn’t a mystery because it’s fake news and that breaks the illusion for me.
Great impression but it would have been over the top if it devolved into something like,
Why are they investigating me? Neva seen anything like this before. It like a. I’ll tell you that. It’s all fake news. And that Velma- a nasty woman. For her to ask questions like that. Daphne, nows she’s a looker. I’ll tell you who they should be investigating…”


Yeah, the rants really aren’t very Trumpian. I mean, Trump, to begin with, would never give due credit to a woman for her work. He’d be giving all the credit to Fred.


Very few know that Donny himself is quite the impressionist. He’s been doing this guy for years…



“And I would have gotten away with it except for you meddlesome voters”.


I refuse to listen to Trump speak for longer than the amount of time it takes me to stop an auto-playing video or adjust my radio dial but I could listen to this guy all day long. Probably because he’s actually joking and Trump is always “joking” but is himself the joke.


I agree with you and DeadWriter–he’s far too coherent and not enough of a narcissist.

I think he could also do this over actual Trump footage and it would be more effective, sort of the opposite of Sarah Cooper’s lip sync routine. Matching up his impression to Trump’s lips is out of the question, but you could work around that. Alternately, he could just wear a Trump costume like Alex Baldwin on SNL.


You had me at Shinra Electric Company mask!


Yeah, but I like his take on Trump. This is an alternate world Trump who concerns himself only with minutiea of pop culture and isn’t completely addle-brained. He’s very opinionated on pop culture and needs to get his opinions out there, but has only occasional lapses back into real-world Donald Trump, praising the Scooby-Doo villains instead of Proud Boys.

If he were just doing accurate Donald Trump content, well, there’s enough of the real thing around and I don’t want to watch any more of that.


I was hesitant to click the link and waste a few minutes of my life but was pleasantly surprised that it was Trump, but in a more harmless way.
I don’t need any more “authentic” Trump auditions.

I want to be there when the rip his “mask” off.


Re him not talking about himself… he’s done that too:

Emailed him. I may have finally found someone on whom my MAGA mask design could find a home.

Maybe it’s a pumpkin head, he does look kind of orange.

Or maybe no head, just a mask, and a nod to the headless horseman. (i still say the Classics Illustrated movie with Jeff Goldblum from 1980 is still the best).

Dude’s wearing a Shinra mask. (from FFVII) Where can I get one?

Will he do the encore?

This is my second time watching him and if he could work my President’s famous “I’m not on cocaine” sniff into his impression he’d be spot on.

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