Donald Trump's old spokesman John Barron was actually Donald Trump


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He’s currently denying the story.

His new spokesman “Ronald Trumbo” confirmed by phone that there is absolutely nothing to this ridiculous claim and the media should stop pestering his incredibly smart, handsome and well-endowed employer about this silly non-story.


Next up, Donald Trump is really Tony Clifton in a bad wig.


I tried going to the website; I immediately got two pop-ups (one about terms and another Breaking News story) and after I clicked out of these, the linked story disappeared.

These sites are so non-user friendly. Grrr.


Shaggy did the whole ‘implausible’ deniability thing so much better:


Or maybe he’s just Donald Trump in a bad wig. That’s bad enough…


Hey, sock puppets have their uses.


Drumph was doing it before it was cool!


I wonder about that note from his “physician” who said his “astonishingly excellent” exam “showed only positive results.”


it’s how I get favorites.


I’m amazed this actually fooled anyone that was familiar with him. His broken-sentenced, verbal-equivalent-of-illiterate manner of speaking is rather distinctive.


Are we sure it was really Trump? It could’ve been any asshole.


And they [GOP] thought Mittens Romney was a bad choice, answer the phone, it’s your wakeup call GOP.


Is his old butler also Drumpf?

Shouldn’t every article about Mr. von Clownstick end with the words The Aristocrats?


Don’t we have things like voice biometrics that can put an end to this little mystery in 5 seconds?


Did you listen to the audio file? Sounds similarly enough and the word choice by the speaker is key to WaPo’s claim.




now THIS is the type of investigative reporting on him that the media should’ve been doing for the past 8 months or so.


My bad. Your snark is usually easy to detect, partly because you’ve never made any serious comment. I just thought you may have been serious this time.


c’mon imagine the White House press conferences.