Trump isn't "authentic" any more


I’m not always a devoted reader of Salon*, but I am today.

For a candidate who’s often touted in the press as an authentic straight shooter, Donald Trump did a lot last week to puncture that reputation.

From insisting that his promise of a “total and complete
shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” was really “only a suggestion,” to flip-flopping on whether voters had a right to see his tax returns, Trump seemed to cast aside promises on a daily basis.

But the strangest turn came with the revelation that years ago Trump often called up reporters claiming to be a company spokesman named “John Miller” or “John Barron,” and then said endlessly flattering things about his boss. (“He’s coming out of a marriage, and he’s starting to do tremendously well financially.”)

*Okay the original awesomeness is thanks to Eric Boehlert for Media Matters,“Trump Masqueraded As His Own Publicist – But Clinton’s The “Inauthentic” One?”


“Trump isn’t “authentic” anymore.”



His dwindling gang of associates used to cling to the “straight talker” point until it became clear that Drumpf not only lies, he appears to lie compulsively . . . like one of those truthiness people who can’t tell the difference between lies and truth.

He lies about banning Muslim immigration and building walls. He lies about who he dates and then parses and plays word games that put the worst politician examples to shame.

There’s no “straight talk” from the guy. He’s a carnival barker.


Oh, there’s no doubt in my mind that whatever form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder the man is afflicted with, it includes a complete inability to distinguish fact from fiction.

I think the word you’re looking for here is charlatan.


You wanna know the saddest part?

None of that matters to his legions of ardent fans, who also can’t tell fantasy from fact, particularly when someone with such a yuuge profile is rubbing their tummies.





I think it does matter now. That’s why I posted the story.

When you encounter a “straight talker” assertion, you can counter with John Miller. Point and match and the more bystanders the better.

If your true believer doubles down, even better. Explore the dissonance at length between straight talker on lying about your name to say things you’re afraid to say yourself




Worst of all, Trump supporters ruined one of my favorite Knife Party songs by appropriating it as some sort of rallying cry.


Wait, which song is that? I like knife party. Is it Centipede?


Yes, yes it is. It’s become a pro-Trump meme since he’s, you know, a nimble navigator and deadly predator. *sigh*



More like human centipede. What with his two “associates”.




Dammit, @LDoBe; you beat me to it!


They ruined that song. Ugh. Dammit. Centipede is just supposed to be creepy and angry for its own sake!


Why charlatan?

I think “carnival barker” evokes the bullying lies, cheap spectacle and grasping insecurity.


True, but the word “carnival” inherently implies fun.

Yeah you know you’re being scammed, but at least you’re enjoying yourself during the process.

With Drumph, not only is there no fun to be had, but the people who buy into his endless bullshit seem to have no clue they’re being bamboozled.


Okay, two things … first, you’re totally right. I didn’t think of that. But in my defense, carnivals were not fun for me growing up. Supposed to be. But not. So that was my mistake. :slight_smile:


Aw, I’m sorry to hear that; what a bummer.





Oh, I’m sure that Salon will get a rebuttal from Camille Paglia.

Salon is just, plain bizarre these days.