Mark Hamill is recording Trump tweets in his Joker voice


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My God he’s joined the Dark Side!


He’s in good company with Billy West:


He left off the “love.” :thinking:

Update: OK, it’s there. I heard it with headphones. :headphones:


Would love to hear The Joker and Harley Quinn sing this one…


“Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it.”
―Darth Bane


Now I want Mr. Hamill to re-record all his dialogue as Luke Skywalker in the voice of the Joker. Do I need a petition for this?


Hamill is the hero America needs, but not the one it deserves right now. [sic]


This is so much better than those gay Trump videos. Which really weren’t all that great. At least this is comparing Trump to a psychopathic clown which is the perfect description of him.


Hamill really is the best Joker voice actor. I thought so since the days of Batman: TAS. One might also recall his Joker like appearance in the old Flash series.

In a similar vein, I am just watched Batman/Superman: Apocalypse. I can’t believe how bland the voice acting is. Especially Darkseid. Wow, a far cry from say the creepy voice in the old 80s Superfriends cartoon. I am halfway considering recording how he SHOULD sound.


No, it’s there…just extremely d r a w n o u t.


Can’t wait to hear the future ones…
But as great as these and the Billy West/Zapp Brannigan ones are, we’re still stuck with this steaming pile of arrogrant, semi-controlled rage for POTUS.


Okay, it would also vastly improve “Corvette Summer”!


Mark Hamill will be the first up against the wall for this atrocity to Trump. Right after Merrill Streep. And Alec Baldwin. And about 99 million other people on twitter. But he will definitely rue the day!


The Trump/Joker thing works really well because they have some overlapping personality disorders. Though Joker, despite being constantly thwarted by a guy dressed up like a bat, is way more competent.


Joker does have some serious long-term planning abiliies:

Remember that time when he kidnapped Robin and tortured him so that like 50 years later he would be able to use the microchip implanted in Robin’s brain to start turning him into a permanent, perfect clone of himself in the event of his death?


?? That was the best part!


Don’t remind me.
At least they have a loony dude playing dressup fixing shit.
WTF do we have? Republican controlled congress and soon to be SCOTUS?



Oh yes. Had to relisten with earphones.


Well, he may be a whimsical, narcissistic psychopath with grotesque style, but we still don’t know if Trump is going to be as murderous as the Joker would be.