Andy Serkis reading Trump tweets in the voice of Gollum


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I just realized - that’s more or less how I’ve been reading many of his tweets in my head… I even add the occasional “precious” in there. It seems to make more sense, sometimes.


Pity they didn’t have the CGI!


The funniest thing for me was the boner Stephen was clearly getting watching the performance.


he wasn’t the only one. that was so perfect i was grinning from ear to ear myself.


The jumping up to perch on the chair had me.


definitely. i guess that’s how he gets into character. i am so impressed that he can just call it up and be so natural again on the fly after all this time.


Mark Hamill reading Trump’s tweets as the Joker is even mo’ bettah!


Could Mr. Trump please read other people’s tweets in his own voice instead of tweeting in the voice of Gollum or the Joker?


Towards the end it kind of sounded like Andy said kerfuffle rather than covfefe. Maybe trump just gave up after he couldn’t remember how to spell - or even pronounce - kerfuffle?


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