'Sassy Trump' can't resist lying to you people. Fresh mockery from Peter Serafinowicz


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I seriously keep hoping that happens…


Well, I seriously hope so TOO! He’s bored at’a his skull, he’ll be back…


He’s guesting at SummerSlam this weekend. He’s a huge fan and he’d make an awesome heel manager.


By the way, who the hell is “Jackamo?”


From earlier in the speech:


needs more airhorn and fart sounds to really get the feelings right
throw in a coupe of digestive noise, maybe a not so discreet burp

and Jon Stewart back on mah TeeVee? yes please!
we’ll need him back if by some horrible chance Cheeto Hitler is elected (just threw up a bit in my mouth there)


I can only watch that if it’s been dubbed by Peter Serafinowicz.

I refuse to listen to anything the whorange guy has to say otherwise.



That one’s good, but this one’s great–really accentuates how surreal this shithead has become. (Don’t remember seeing it on BB, sorry if I missed it.)


Dearie me, I want to hear him re-do his Darth Maul lines as Sassy Trump.

in case you don’t know: Peter Serafinowicz was the speaking voice of Darth Maul. He even spoofed it on Spaced.


He wears ties that have stripes sloping the British way. Is that meant make him appear more sophisticated?


In the UK, Jacamo is a large men’s clothing web site.


Jock-a-mo fi no wan an dey Jock-a-mo fi na ney.


And in other news the less sassy Trump has just accepted the resignation of campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

I heard the news as I was walking by a TV tuned to a news channel where talking heads were also asking, “Who is advising Trump?” And I thought it was a cute assumption that Trump accepts advice from anyone.


A bend sinister, appropriately enough.

The bend sinister and its diminutives such as the Baton sinister are rare as an independent motif; they occur more often as marks of distinction, added to another coat to denote bastardy. – Wikipedia


For someone that he would never lie to, he mispronounced my handle quite a lot, but I’m glad to know that when I interview him, I’ll get the truth.


Iko iko ande!


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