'Heterosexual Trump.' a new 'Sassy Trump' from Peter Serafinowicz


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I think Peter may be channeling his inner Truman Capote.


At this point, I’ve watched so many of these excellent videos that I can’t remember what his real voice sounds like.


That’s not a bad thing…



I so rarely watch drumpf speeches: The guy is just speaking word salad.

To uproarious applause.

A thought just hit me: he’s just the first one. The next politician in drumpf’s position will be a puppet and is going to be much, much better at public speaking.
And probably as good looking as a team of plastic surgeons can sculpt. And not have a terrible history of insanity and usury behind him/her.


So I guess all the non-white athletes were busy that day.

“Trump rally? Uh, sorry coach, I have to shampoo my wombat.”


Anyone else getting Transmetropolitan vibes? Trump is the Beast, and the next one will be Smiler. Unless they skip one and it’s the clone Veep after the Beast Trump.


Serious question — is it proper for a state university’s athletics department to endorse a political candidate?


But his “bad” public speaking is working for him. Illiterates like the fact that they’re not challenged by anything beyond a third grade vocabulary coming from him, and his word salad means he never says anything of substance, so you’re free to project whatever positions you want on him and have nothing substantial to attack. Meanwhile he uses just enough of the important key words to make it seem like he cares about the right things.
He’d be difficult to replicate. Most of his appeal comes from being an existing public entertainer who has had several decades to have other people craft this image of him as a savvy, successful rich person. So to replicate his success, you’d need someone like Reagan, but popular.


As a gay person. I find it pretty offensive that using a ‘sassy’ gay’ voice is the punchline insult here, like HAHAHA HE has a stereotypical “Gay” voice…that’s so gay. HAHA.

Reedit with a 1940’ stereotype ‘negro’ dialect and see how funny that is.


i don’t get it. now, those mitt romney bad lip reading videos were funny and the voice sounded like his.


Did he actually say he knows how hard wrestling is? Is he referring to this:



No. The university had to make some emergency statements distancing themselves from the endorsements pretty quickly to avoid trouble.


Couldn’t they say that a political rally just happened to plonk itself on the route taken by a couple of sports teams on their way to the canteen?


He’s also got Cockney on tap:

And “posh” brit:

But “Sassy” really works best with trump’s phrasing and gestures…


Yet another aspect of a weird election year.


I think the punchline here is that Trump is ogling men and admiring their physique, talking about how much he wants to wrestle them and “take them”, and that he’s saying these things in front of a red-blooded gay-hating audience of Trumpsters – and that all it takes is an effeminate lilt to his voice to turn that from manly he-man talk to homosexual.


You’re right.

I think Serafinowics does this because it’s the most effective way to annoy Trump’s supporters, who view their candidate as John Wayne in a bad toupé.



I may be straight, but I’ve been absolutely thunderstruck that BB keeps posting these. People get beat up for talking like that. Beat up by people who are probably Trump fans…

I think that’s Peter’s point, though, and not an attempt to be offensive. His speech patterns work so well for the stereotypical “sassy” affectation.