New Sassy Trump: “I Don't Need That”


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It’s true. He is “like” a smart person. Except for the differences. The significant differences. The all consuming differences.


I will pay actual money, in advance for Serafinowicz’ overdub of Herr Drumpf’s first State of the Union address.



I’m boycotting videos of Trump. Sorry, Peter.


Unfortunately, it was funnier before the election. Still the only way I can watch videos of the Cheeto in Chief, though.

Maybe it’s good that he’s only getting the daily briefing once a week. Easier to slide minor things that he’d over-react to under the radar.


I think videos like this do us all a disservice. They turn trump into a source of laughter, which is great, but it also encourages people to not take him seriously. That’s bad, because he’s going to have a serious effect on the country.


So, not to belabor the joke, but is the point of these videos to belittle or humiliate Trump by giving him an effeminate voice?


It’s to make him even remotely listenable.


Doesn’t he do that well enough on his own? (Oops, misread that as “to make him even more unlistenable” for some reason. The rest still stands though)

The way he talks isn’t just word salad. It’s word salad, with rancid rhetorical dressing, garnished with the grated glass of his voice, and the chef was out of fucks that day so he didn’t even bother to wash the dirt-ignorance off the lettuce.



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