Sassy Trump Responds To People Magazine Allegations

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A scrub is a guy that can’t get no vote from me.


Any more, Peter Serafinowicz’s Sassy Trump is the only way I can tolerate actually watching video of that guy.


I’m very progressive, even “left-wing”, on a number of social issues. I want to be on the right side of history.
Still, I’m pretty annoyed by some of the articles on this site. They can skew to very knee-jerk, emotion-based, unsubtle, humorless and far-left reactionary commentary: stark black-and-white wording designed to manufacture outrage.
I actually sort of enjoy these videos, but the joke is “we made this guy we don’t like sound gay!”. The hypocrisy seems blatant to me.
How am I wrong? Is it ok because we’ve been “given permission” to laugh at it?


BoingBoing is a bit of a lucky dip. Different contributors with their own opinions, sometimes posting an item that’s already been posted by another contributor. Cory is quick to express an opinion sometimes based on dodgy facts, but you could argue that sometimes it’s more libertarian than left wing. You don’t have to read or agree with everything written on this site, and you don’t have to self-identify as a BoingBoing reader.

As for the “Sassy Trump is mocking gays”, this has been discussed on BB before. Peter Serafinowicz said it’s based on Liberace, and camp has been part of British comedy from the days of Julian and Sandy in the 1960s (and possibly earlier). You don’t have to be gay to be camp, and not all gay people are camp (obvs).


I can’t even watch a re-dubbed Trump. The man makes my skin crawl.


If there’s one thing Liberace wasn’t, it’s gay. But - let’s not give the transphobic graphic a pass too quickly either.


Don’t tell HBO that.

“Punching Up” vs “Punching Down” seems to justify a lot of it hereabouts. Somehow. Depending on who you’re arguing with, that is.

If I come up with an image of Jon Stewart or Anderson Cooper in drag, I’m somehow (?) “punching down” (punching down at Stewart or Cooper. Riiiight), or being offensive to the LGBTQ community. But photoshop Trump into looking like Divine and everything is just fine.

Any Excuse Will Serve a Tyrant. The tyrant in this case is an acceptable and embraced groupthink.

The Anderson Cooper example is good: If a right-wing blog always showed images of Cooper photoshopped into drag, we’d take it as an attack on gays.

Is this different? It’s really hard to disassociate the question from my emotions that “yes, this is different, because I don’t like this guy.

Part of it, of course, is that it’s attacking the excessive masculinity of Trump’s image and that of his supporters (contrast Cooper actually being gay). I mean, this whole video is in the context of his abusing women. Part of it is that he does have a surprisingly high voice. Part of it is that we feel like we can mock a campy voice without mocking gays (see Liberace, above). But the latter two arguments wouldn’t hold water in the Cooper example.

For me, the real justification is that, like @Fef above, this is just about the only way I can tolerate listening to the schmuck. (Maybe the campy voice actually raises my estimation of him while I hear it. I dunno.) But again, not much of an argument, it’s true.

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Yes, portraying Trump as a foul-mouthed drag queen is an insult to foul-mouthed drag queens everywhere. Cross a foul-mouthed drag queen at your own peril: None of them can take a joke and they spend their free hours on the internet scornfully correcting your hateful gender errors.




Well, he did successfully sue a tabloid for claiming he was homosexual back in the day. Also in a later interview he was asked why he never married and his answer was “he never met the right girl (camera wink).” That’s good enough for me! Straight as an arrow, that Mr. L.


It’s irony in response to a previous post…

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When a 4 year old justifies bad behavior by saying, “they did it first”, we roll our eyes and put on our parenting hats. But this election season has brought out the worst in everybody. I was eager to have a national conversation about high level corruption in banking and in government, some kind of idea exchange about global warming and what to do about it, and maybe some deeper examination of the health care crisis. But right there with a laugh track and applause, the Foley board also seems to come equipped with a “crickets” setting, something I heard being blasted at the highest volume whenever Bernie Sanders opened his mouth.

Fine, we’re not going to discuss grown up things. Instead we’re going to back to second grade and talk endlessly about what a doody-head Trump is. (As if it were sudden, unexpected, breaking news)

Of course there are other issues on the ballot, and there are other important news stories going on, and BB is there for much of it. But it’s so god damn much fun to ridicule this clown, everyone seems to just love it!

I honestly don’t want to do any of the republicans’ work for them, but I kinda wonder what it would be like to have a real political conversation about real issues, with somone I disagree with. Instead all I get is people talking @ me. Even the ones who think they agree with me are getting pretty annoying about now…


I can actually imagine a sketch where Anderson Cooper and John Stewart were in drag, making some kind of point. Drag is not blackface, at least not yet anyway.

The reason people like to see Trump in drag is because he would never do it himself. He doesn’t have the ability to laugh at himself. And that’s what make him unintentionally funny, in drag or out.

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You shoulda gone the full “Pink Flamingos” Divine – head shaved up to here, pink dress.

He never met a girl who could hold a candle to his dear old mom…

Look, no Hollywood major star admits to being gay despite being in one of the gayest professions in Western history. Maybe it’s true. But the fact is we live in a world in which being successful in many areas and openly living your life including your sexuality is not an option.

Because of that I’m not fond of these videos. I mean, Trump actually is kind of camp voiced (maybe I am a bit too, but I’m not a hard man killemall type) but these don’t seem to unpack the internet hard man so much as mock him for secretly fucking men. Or something.

As if gay men weren’t fierce feared warriors or something (see the Sacred Band of Thebes or the Taliban…)

the mouth sounds are so so good

i love this you guys

Hey, how come we never hear about Trump’s mother? Or did he spring from Fred Drumpf’s forehead, fully (?) formed?

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