Sassy Trump vs. Little Girl


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Fuck’n creepy.


“Can you believe in ten years I’ll be dating her?”


I think I saw a little bit of shade thrown there…


Oh. My. God.

I feel icky. I need to go take a shower.


(@xeni: Random, but in the last two Sassy Trump articles, the link to Peter Serafinowicz went from going to to some Amazon affiliate url.)


Ugh. Did this happen before or after the vids came out of him molesting women and hitting on little girls? Not that it matters really. Not that anything matters anymore. Ever.

edit: Boasting about molesting women i should say. Those other vids haven’t come out yet.



I wonder what he… tastes like?



[quote=“politeruin, post:7, topic:87677, full:true”]
Those other vids haven’t come out yet.
[/quote]He keeps those for, um, personal use. Again, ew.


There’s something worse out there i just know it.

Pray to whatever gods you believe in. I’m going with the big guy: cthulhu. I’d rather live on in his ever loving embrace for all eternity than put up with another second of all this shit.

Trump responds to "golden showers" Russian report with hysterical ALLCAPS tweet

Disningenuous. We can put a funny voice on abraham lincoln or martin luther king and make him sound stupid. Attack on principles, not stupid irrelevancies.


Well, since the words are Trumps own words, the only one making him look stupid is himself.


I think I need a silkwood style shower after watching that.


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