Sassy Trump: “Tweety Trump”

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why can’t we have this trump instead of the regular kind

I don’t know. I can’t laugh at Trump anymore.
Not until he loses the election and I see him on TV ads pitching reverse mortgages.


In the 19th century, Engels noted “history repeats first as grand tragedy, then as farce”

Here’s hoping that with Donald we can skip directly to the second step.

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That was one of the most bizarre answers of the debate.

Q: "Why were you up at 3AM slut-shaming someone on Twitter?"
A: “It’s good that I was up at 3AM because I would have been ready if someone called me about BENGHAZIIIIIIII


I hadn’t noticed Hillary’s reaction during this bit. She’s really good at expressing “you are a cretinous abomination” with nothing more than a head tilt and some blinking.

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